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In-Home Lice Treatment Service

Nit Nabbers strives to be an Incredible Value for the amount that we charge for our services. Our appointments are charged by the hour. We feel that this is the most fair way to charge as a person with short hair and a light case of lice will take significantly less time and product to treat than a person with long hair and lots of lice.

Typically, appointments average out to an HOUR PER PERSON OR LESS, but could potentially be a bit more. However, WE WILL NEVER CHARGE YOU MORE THAN $185 PER PERSON TREATED...NEVER! This keeps us well under the average amount charged by lice professionals around the world. Still, we understand that the cost of a professional lice removal service seems like a lot of money up front. We ask you to take into account all that we save you; the cost of purchasing products, your own time and frustration, missed days of school and work, potential infestation of your friends and other family members, and much more! Call us first and we will save you time and money!

*Prices listed below reflect a change in pricing effective January 1, 2018*

An In-Home Treatment is charged by the hour at $115/hr.

  • There is a one hour minimum charge for each appointment.
  • Family Head Checks (no lice found) are charged as one hour, regardless of the amount of time the appointment takes.
  • Hours are rounded up to the nearest 15 minute interval.
  • There is also a travel fee based on your distance from your Nit Nabbers professional. Please see our service area page for Charlotte for more details.

Our service pricing includes:

    • A Bottle of Lice Repellent to keep the Lice Away! 
      • Every appointment, regardless of the number of hours charged or if we even find head lice, will include a bottle of Lice Repellent. Use this product on your child when there is an infestation in their classroom, or when sending them to sleepovers and summer camp!
    • Terminator Metal Lice Removal Comb!
      • Every appointment, regardless of the number of hours charged of if we even find head lice, will include a high quality metal Terminator Lice Comb. Considered by many to be the best comb available on the market, this comb can be sterilized and reused....forever! If you already have the Nit Free Terminator comb, we will discount your appointment by $10.  
    • Lice Removal Products Used!
      • Our lice removal treatment may include the use of an enzyme based product to breakdown the nit glue and/or an oil used to smother the bugs and ease combing. The Nit Nabbers' professional will determine the best course of action for each individual. All of the products that we use contain only Natural Ingredients that are 100% safe for your child!
    • Time Outside your Home
      • We do have a travel fee that helps to cover our gas expenses, but we don't charge for the time your Nit Nabbers professional spends in the car traveling to and from your home.
      •  Cleaning combs and clips, laundering towels, and prepping for your appointment all take hours that you don't see!
      • For more information on our travel policy and fee, please visit our service area page for Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Nit Nabbers accepts cash, checks, debit cards, and Visa or MasterCard. 

To schedule an appointment, text 980-475-0931or email today!

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