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Nit Nabbers only uses products that are 100% Safe, Natural, and Effective. No pesticides or harmful chemicals.
Nit Nabbers is an Incredible Value, we save you Time and Money. We solve your problem and spare your frustration.
Nit Nabbers provides exclusive In-Home Treatment. Our methods will conveniently eliminate your lice problem.
Let us take you from...
“At your WITS end” to “At your NITS end”!
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Carolina Lice Removal Service

•  We Remove Lice Quickly!

    Nit Nabbers is an In-Home Head Lice Removal Service based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Because we believe that in-home treatment is the best way to eradicate head lice, we bring the tools and products necessary for complete lice removal to you. We have evening and weekend appointments to fit your schedule, and are often able to set up an appointment the same day.

•  We Remove Lice Safely!

    Our process, performed by trained lice removal professionals, is a multi-step head lice treatment system that begins with a 100% safe and all-natural product designed to dissolve the nit glue that holds the Nits, or eggs, onto the hair shaft. Next, our professionals may choose to use another 100% safe and all-natural oil-based product to kill all adult lice found on the head. Once these products are applied, Lice and Nits are manually removed using a fine-toothed comb. Unlike the Toxic Shampoo that is sold in stores, the lice treatment Products we use contain no pesticides.

•  We Remove Lice Risks!

    It is recommended that Head Lice Screenings are given to the rest of the family members at the same appointment to prevent re-infestation. During the appointment, the lice removal professional will also consult the family about Environment Treatment options including cleaning regimens and products for your home. Our Guarantee states that we will re-treat for free* if evidence of an active head lice infestation is found within 30 days of our treatment.
    * Travel is always charged.

•  We Remove Lice Frustrations!

    At Nit Nabbers, we strive to provide our customers with as much lice education as possible during the appointment. (The founder is a former teacher after all!) The lice removal professional will also advise the family about Head Lice Prevention tips and Environment Treatment recommendations. We find that the more you know, the more we are able to put your anxious mind at ease. By the time we leave your home, you will know exactly how to handle any lice problem you encounter in the future.

•  We Remove Lice Restrictions!

    After the head lice treatment is complete, Nit Nabbers will provide you with a letter explaining the services that we have performed and certifying your child as “Nit Free”. You may take this letter to your child’s school, camp, or daycare the following day demonstrating your dedication to resolving your lice problem, as well as the issue of spreading the infestation throughout the school.

•  We Remove Lice Worries!

    If your child has been exposed to Lice in their classroom, or if you are unsure if your family has an infestation, Nit Nabbers can help. We are happy to come to your home even if you don’t currently have lice. Our trained lice removal professional will do a complete family Head Lice Screening and advise you about Head Lice Prevention. All appointments, regardless of the presence of head lice, include a Nit Free Terminator comb and a bottle of lice repellent spray that can be used during a classroom outbreak to help prevent an infestation. Our Guarantee also covers our in-home head checks. 

•  We Remove Lice Stigma!

    While your privacy is our priority, secretly we hope it’s not yours. We want to teach you about Periculosis and separate Lice Facts from fiction to the point that you want to share your new information with everyone you know! There really isn’t any shame in getting lice; it can affect anyone. Also, at Nit Nabbers we try to have a little fun. We know that lice give most people the creeps, and laughter is often the only way around it. So we fill our site, and sometime our appointments, with Lousey Puns and Nitty Fun to help get you through the ickyness of it all.

•  We Remove Lice Expenses!

    How much money does a lice infestation cost you? How about time? Nit Nabbers is an incredible value that can save you time and money. Our prices and travel fees are fair and very competitive. Please see our Pricing list for more information.

Nit Nabbers has the tools, the products, and the know-how to put an end to your lice frustrations. Don’t make a “lousey” decision by wasting time and money on over-the-counter products and do-it-yourself processes.

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