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Our Guarantee

Guaranteed Lice Removal Service

We at Nit Nabbers truly believe in providing superior customer service to our clients. Our 30 day guarantee isn't a promise of perfection, but a token of our commitment to getting rid of your head lice! Our guarantee is as follows:

In-Home Treatment Guarantee*:
Nit Nabbers will completely eliminate** your head lice problems in one treatment. If you find live bugs or new nits within 30 days of our treatment, we will return to your home and re-treat*** for free. Travel is always charged. 

In-Home Head Check Guarantee:
An in-home head check from a Nit Nabbers' professional is a very thorough look through your hair. If you find lice or nits within 10 days of a clear head check, we will return to your home for a treatment, and the first hour of that treatment*** will be free. Any time spent beyond the first hour will be charged at the regular appointment rate. Travel is always charged. 

*Nit Nabbers trusts that you will follow the recommended guidelines for cleaning your home environment. If you do not appear to be addressing the problem of lice in your home environment, the Nit Nabbers professional has the right to revoke the service guarantee. Also, the Nit Nabbers professional must perform head checks on all members of the household in order to guarantee the service.

**It is normal to comb out some debris for a few days following an appointment. A few nits or dead lice found within the first three days after treatment does not warrant a return trip. The details will be explained completely during a treatment.

***If a Nit Nabbers professional returns to your home to re-treat, or treat for the first time after a missed head check, and no lice or nits are found, you will be charged a $50 follow up appointment fee. Nit Nabbers will not treat you for free just because you think that you still have lice, or because your head itches. Actual evidence of a continued head lice infestation must be present. Furthermore, Nit Nabbers will only retreat for free once per paid appointment. If you still have lice after a second treatment, you are getting reinfested due to poor cleaning or from another source.

If you have any questions about Nit Nabbers' Services, Pricing, or our guarantee, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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